Wear is a device that was made with the objective to provide a low-cost hearing aid alternative for individuals who suffer from hearing loss.  Wear is not a replacement for a hearing aid.  Wear is designed to be used when a hearing impaired individual is interested in having a quality conversation in very noisy environments like family gatherings, restaurants or meetings. 

This wearable assistive device has been engineered and designed to improve the quality of one on one conversations, while aiding in reducing extraneous noise. Similar to listening to your ipod, users connect their personal headphones into the device that is worn around the neck.  The microphone creates a directional sound lobe 3-6 feet in front of the user.  The device amplifies sound directly in the circular zone in front of the user, while reducing noise outside of the zone.  The unit has also been effective in improving hearing when used with bone conduction headsets to help those with ear drum related hearing loss.

The Wear can also be used as a high quality commentator’s microphone, for interviews or for general recording.

Wear was born from collaboration with Systems Engineer and Perception Specialist, Eric Rosenthal and Michelle Temple, disability specialist and adjunct professor at NYU ITP.  Our goal is to develop, manufacture and market high-tech devices that amplify sensory and other abilities for purposes of improved life quality or safety for people with or without disabilities.

Wear is significantly lower in price in comparison to hearing aids, and operates using a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need to replace batteries.  The battery recharges in less than one hour.  Once charged the device may be operated continuously for more than one day.  The device shuts off when the headphone jack is removed to extend battery time.  Because W EAR is worn outside the ear, it keeps feedback to a minimum.  W ear is 2” in diameter x 1/4” thick and weighs 1 oz (28 grams) including the battery.

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